What is Natural Bioenergetics (formerly Health Kinesiology)?

Natural Bioenergetics™ is a comprehensive, holistic system geared to the individual that uses the mind-body connection to bring about healing. Tailoring Natural Bioenergetics™ to a person’s unique needs can relieve:

  • Psychological & emotional stress
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Low energy and chronic fatigue
  • Digestive and hormonal problems
  • Effects of trauma from the near & distant past
  • Learning blocks and disabilities

HOME-kinesNatural Bioenergetic’s superior approach to revitalizing the whole person can benefit virtually everyone, bringing health to the sick and giving the healthy even greater vitality.

Modern research shows that suppressed emotions can contribute to many physical illnesses: allergies, skin rashes, digestive disorders and other more serious conditions. Natural Bioenergetics ™ (also known as NB) effectively bypasses the analytical process to go directly to the core of the most important issue associated with the client’s condition by tapping into the body’s own intelligence.

How does Natural Bioenergetics work?

“Facilitation” is a key word in this type of energy work. The practitioner use a specific method of muscle testing to establish a means of communication with the client’s body. In this way, the practitioner can proceed each step of the way with exactly what the patient needs for optimal healing.