Natural Bioenergetics

More About Natural Bioenergetics (formerly Health Kinesiology)™

Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., a physiological psychologist and sleep research scientist, began to develop Natural Bioenergetics in the mid 70’s and laid the basic foundation for a systematic and comprehensive energy model that today is used by thousands of practicing students worldwide. His research has been unceasing for over 20 years.

New discoveries and additions frequently expand on the menu of possiblities of what can be accomplished with energy healing. Dr. Scott’s blend of solid science and discerning intuition has resulted in one of the most powerful and life changing holistic modalities available today.

What does Natural Bioenergetics (NB) do?

NB is an energy healing discipline that uses muscle testing to gather genuine energy information from the body. It employs a variety of bioenergetic balancing methods to help alleviate emotional and physical stress and make significant life changes. By using NB you can eliminate allergies, release physical toxicity, release emotional traumas, overcome learning blocks and perform at your best!

What are meridians?

Let’s compare NB to acupuncture. Like acupuncture, NB uses the meridian model of the human energy system. This energy system supplies life force to the individual. Any stress—nutritional, emotional, psychological or electromagnetic— can impair the energy system. Precise rebalancing of the energy system can eliminate or diminish the effects of these stressors.

Acupuncturists observe the energy system by monitoring subtle pulses in the wrists; the NB practitioner observes the energy system by monitoring subtle muscle responses. Unlike acupuncturists, NB practitioners only use light touch on specific acupoints or other energy reflexes to correct energy imbalances.

How do energy meridians affect health?


Each person has 14 energy meridians (6 pair and 2 single) that exist in the body aura, just at the skin layer. Energy must flow freely along these meridians in order for the physical body to maintain optimum health.

The Chinese documented the energy meridian system, and acupuncturists have successfully used this knowledge for several thousands of years to treat disease and even to block pain during surgery. Western medicine has also recently accepted the existence of the energy meridians, when instruments were finally developed that were sensitive enough to detect this subtle energy system.

What is so unique about Natural Bioenergetics?

Through his practice and research, Dr. Scott came to realize two key concepts that are the foundation of NB. First, each person’s body has a cellular memory of every experience in the past, and a cellular intelligence that knows what the body needs to heal itself and function optimally. Second, the cellular memory and intelligence of the body can be “questioned” through muscle testing. By systematic questioning of the body’s cellular intelligence, the therapist can go directly to the problem area, addressing the body’s top concern. This method allows the body to direct its own healing power.

What results can I expect from Natural Bioenergetics?

It is important to understand that health problems are never isolated occurrences. There is always a cause behind an effect. For example, a practitioner might do an electromagnetic correction or an allergy correction for a learning disability. Psychological corrections might eliminate a nutritional blockage and speed healing. A chakra correction may be required to overcome a fear of success. The beauty of the NB conceptual framework is that it helps you evaluate a complex personal issue and find the simplest and most efficient program for long-term good health.

Does NB replace my doctor?

No. NB is not meant to be a substitute for modern medicine. In fact, it can and should be a complement to traditional medical care as well as other natural therapies.

What is an example of an NB treatment?

One very useful NB technique is the Allergy Tap™, a simple way of potentially eliminating an allergy. Many people have learned the method in a one-day “Cure Your Own Allergies” Class, and have used it with significant results.

How does an Allergy Tap™ work?

To do the Allergy Tap, the offending substance is placed over a specific acupuncture point on the belly and eight pairs of specific acupuncture points are tapped. When done before a typical allergy episode, people are often happy to find that they have no reaction to the substance. When the tapping is done during an allergy episode, people have often seen their symptoms disappear in a few minutes, completely eliminating the reaction. The allergy tap often only needs to be done once.

Does this simple technique work for every allergic reaction?

No, but it is so quick and easy that it is always worth a try! The Allergy Tap does work about 90% of the time. An NB Practitioner can use the more powerful SET™ technique if necessary.

How long does it take?

Just a few minutes. It is important to understand that eliminating some reactions may go beyond the scope of this simple Tapping Technique. Often there are psychological issues or internal electromagnetic imbalances that stress the mind and body. In those cases, other types of NB energy balancing is required.