“I experienced deep changes and shifts my psychology in what years of counseling couldn’t accomplish.”
N.G., Montana

“I had intense, burning pains in my stomach area after my pregnancy. The doctor thought I might need surgery. After one session with Jeanine, the pain was completely gone.”
D.T., New Jersey

“I have been able to release some emotional blocks that stemmed from being in the womb. I have no longer experienced the feeling of being unwanted nor unloved, as the result of working with Jeanine…. I have had no recurrence of Multiple Sclerosis…. The enzyme program is helping me through the menopause stage of my life… I do not experience hot flashes, etc… I could go on and on….”
T.L., California

“I used to have recurring headaches that went on for about a year. I didn’t know what caused them. With the help of HK, they have totally disappeared”
R.M., Chicago

“My son (1 ½ years old) became hysterical every time someone close said goodbye to him. We took him to see Jeanine, and after only one treatment he remained calm and was able to say goodbye when a family member left him….”
D.M., Montana

“I was suffering from a compulsive/obsessive disorder for many years. Today this burden is gone and I feel like I have reclaimed a part of myself.”
M.T., Chicago

“HK is the most effective treatment I have found to get to the cause and core of a medical problem I have had for 15 years.”
G.P., Alaska

“I have experienced deep transformation and healing through these treatments.”
H.W., Montana

“My young son was a dairyfoodaholic and suffered frequent belly aches. We used the HK Allergy Tap and he now uses dairy foods in moderation and without belly aches. Needless to say, we are very impressed and pleased!”
AW, Roslin, ON, Canada

“Last year my husband was treated at the emergency room for his severe pain and swelling after a thorn prick from a thorn tree on our property. This year, after another prick, we used the Allergy Tap and his egg-sized swelling went away”.
JA, Orono, ON, Canada

Below are a number of testimonies from a single patient:

” Health Kinesiology helped my son recover from mysterious symptoms that he had since early childhood. My son suffered from a strong odor since he was a small child in spite of the fact that he bathed daily and his clothes were washed daily. He was also severely allergic to deodorants, so they were of no help. He came home crying from school one day after his teacher told him he smelled and needed to take a bath. I took him to doctors and a naturopath, but no one could diagnose the cause of his problem. After one session of HK, my son’s problem went away completely and has not returned. I am very grateful to HK for the solution to this heart-breaking condition.”

” My dog was quickly cured of a serious illness with Health Kinesiology. My small dog, who is normally full of energy to the point of being hyper, could barely walk. He was hunched up and yelped when I tried to hold him. He could only manage to eat canned cat food, and when he ate he seemed to be in a lot of pain and barely able to swallow. I could not figure out what could be causing these problems. He was tested with HK and I immediately implemented the recommended treatment. By the next day, he had improved substantially and by the following day he had no symptoms”.

” I noticed a big change in my friend’s behavior after Health Kinesiology. A friend of mine used to have a lot of emotional problems. Emotional upsets would often build to the point where she would ‘explode.’ After HK she seemed much calmer and happier. In one instance, when an upsetting incident happened, instead of exploding, she explained the situation to me in a calm and pleasant manner and when she saw that I was obviously irritated she gave me a hug. Her new behavior certainly had an uplifting effect on me”

” Health Kinesiology helped me conquer long-standing energy patterns which were inhibiting my permanent recovery from recurring health problems, such as infections within my sinuses and lungs, digestive problems and depression. Over time, as the corrections began to work, I could feel my energy returning and a ‘cloud’ lifting from my mind. It was a wonderful feeling to realize that I could be healthy and have joy in my life after decades of trying everything else to no avail.”
J.J., New Mexico